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Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob says construction of Phase 2 of the Sarawak-Sabah link road and the Trans-Borneo Highway will start early next year. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, August 7, 2022.

THE federal government has approved the construction of Phase 2 of the Sarawak-Sabah link road (SSLR) and the Trans-Borneo Highway (LTB), which will commence early next year, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said.

He said the technical study of the two projects that connect Miri to Limbang and Lawas, and are expected to take three to five years to complete, is now at the final stage.

He said the projects will not only enable residents in northern Sarawak to go to Sabah via two road network options but also provide benefit to those living around Mulu, Long Seridan, Nanga Medamit, Long Lopeng, Ba’kelalan and Merarap, who still depend on logging roads.

“Those travelling from Miri to Limbang and Lawas via Brunei can use the 96km LTB stretch, which will be ugpraded into a two-lane dual-carriageway.

“For those who choose to avoid going through Brunei to go to (Sabah), they can travel via the SSLR Phase 2, which spans 326km and is a continuation of the SSLR Phase 1 from Simpang Gelugus to Long Lopeng,” he said when opening the Pujut section of the Sarawak portion of the Pan Borneo Highway, in Miri today.

Also present were Sarawak Premier Abang Johari Openg and Senior Works Minister Fadillah Yusof.


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Ismail said the projects, which cost RM10.62 billion, will also enable communities and residents in Miri, Limbang and Lawas to enjoy a safer and more comfortable road network.

On the opening of the Pujut section of the Pan Borneo Highway, Ismail said it was a continuation of the successful construction of highway projects in the peninsula.

“The implementation of the Pan Borneo Highway project is the federal government’s commitment to develop a planned, systematic and efficient infrastructure network for Keluarga Malaysia in Sarawak,” he said.

“The scope of this Pujut section construction involves upgrading of the federal roads, the construction of two bridges and four bus stops, which started on November 1, 2016 and was fully completed on July 2.” 

Ismail said the project will also expand transport network and connectivity between towns and districts to potential growth centres such as ports, industrial areas and commercial centres along the route.

The 15.9km stretch of the Pujut section of the Pan Borneo Highway, which connects the Miri Airport intersection and the Pujut link road, was built at an estimated cost of RM470 million. – Bernama, August 7, 2022.

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